A clean home is a healthy home. This is the case for the human body as well. It requires regular cleansing of the intestines, blood, liver, and other vital organs. When the body is not clean, diseases begin to damage healthy tissues until eventually the systems of the body fail.

DL3D_Intestines_1If you build a new wall over a wet and dirty area, mold can grow and eat away the newly formed walls. This is true with the intestinal system as well. If a person has a clogged intestine (constipation), no good thing can be absorbed. This leads to intestinal molds, yeasts, and other pathogens that damage the intestines and detoxification organs. When the intestines can’t detoxify the fermenting foods fast enough, the extra burden falls on the liver and kidneys. These vital organs can perform very well, but only for a limited time. If the constipation continues, diseases can develop from chronic exposure to intestinal toxins.

With an intestinal cleanse, the body will be able to eliminate toxins from all systems of the body, including the brain. Without a regular cleanse, detoxification organs are overworked. Fermented sugars are stored in the muscles and the blood stream begins to circulate potentially pathogenic elements to all parts of the body.

No system of your body will work optimally if it is not cleansed regularly. You will heal faster, more completely, and with less inflammation if you consistently cleanse your intestines, blood, and liver.