E.S.S.E.N.C.E. of Health

Structured silver should be used as one part of a broader commitment to good health. Silver’s benefits and effects are enhanced dramatically by what I call the ESSENCE of health. Each letter in the word determines one healthy principle. Click the links below or to the right of the page to explore the true E.S.S.E.N.C.E. of health.

E – eat correctly

S – sleep enough

S – supplement

E – exercise more

N – neutralize toxins

C – cleanse regularly

E – eliminate stress

If you perform one of these essential values you will receive a certain level of protection from disease and degeneration. However, by combining multiple values, your ability to prevent disease and promote wellness increases exponentially.

Exponential Benefit

image-1In my dissertation research I examined exercise, nutrition, and the combination of both in preventing fatal viral infections. I discovered different types of exercise mobilize and activate the immune system, resulting in a 16 percent increase in immune cells. I also measured an 18 percent increase in the activity of immune cells (NK cells) due to herbal supplementation.

These benefits help a person function optimally and feel better. However, when a person exercised and took nutritional supplementation at the same time, they received an exponential increase in the number and activity of immune cells. When the protective levels of exercise were combined with the protective levels of nutritional supplementation, there was a 255 percent increase in the NK cells. These are the immune cells responsible for killing all foreign pathogens including fatal viruses and cancers.

I then combined exercise and nutritional supplementation together with a fatal virus (Cytomegalovirus CMV) to see if mice were able to prevent or survive a fatal viral challenge. Again, the principles of wellness were proven beneficial as the infected mice, which exercised on a treadmill and were fed nutritional supplements, survived a fatal viral infection. This experiment resulted in a 56 percent increase in the ability to survive a fatal viral infection, just by walking and taking nutritional supplements.

This example demonstrates how every healthy tool you give your body is one more level of protection. Adding multiple layers of protection increases your ability to prevent disease and promote wellness.