Neutralize Toxins in the Air and Water

The adult body is about 60 percent water and that of a child is 75 percent water. By the time we feel thirsty we are already dehydrated. Dehydration can cause dizziness, headache, dry mouth and tongue, confusion and incoherence. It is also the leading cause of hospitalization in those over 65.

To stay adequately hydrated, you must drink about 10 glasses of water per day. By drinking clean, pure water you can also help avoid excess body fat, poor muscle tone, constipation, toxic overload, and joint and muscle soreness.

Proper fluid intake is also a major key to weight loss. If you are dehydrated you will not lose fat. In fact, it takes 22 ounces of water to metabolize one ounce of fat. No water means no fat burning as your body is forced to use muscle for energy and to store fat.

Most of us don’t realize that 90 percent of the time we think we are hungry, we are really just thirsty. The next time you are hungry in between meals, drink eight ounces of clean, pure water and wait 15 minutes. This will often curb your hunger.

Water Toxins

dirty-waterIn America, 178 million people get their water from surface water systems and 85.9 million get it from ground water systems. This means that two thirds of Americans are really drinking water that was collected from the surface, i.e., the gutter. Forty percent of America is drinking water that is potentially unfit to drink!

Water helps convert food into energy. It also regulates body temperature, moistens the mouth, eyes, and nose and removes toxins through proper excretion. Contaminated water fills our bodies with toxins and can cause major diseases.

We should always try to drink optimized water. “Optimized” means that one oxygen molecule is combined with two hydrogen molecules and can transfer energy readily. The problem is that in tap water, for every one oxygen molecule, there are usually 36 hydrogen molecules clinging on and becoming free radicals once ingested.

Nine reasons to drink clean, pure, optimized water:

1. 75 percent of Americans are regularly dehydrated
2. 37 percent believe they are hungry when they are really thirsty because of toxins
3. A 3 percent dehydration results in slow metabolism (which means weight gain)
4. A 2 percent loss of body water results in short-term memory loss and trouble focusing
5. Children who don’t absorb enough water are linked to obesity and reduced height
6. Water reduces cramps, fevers, and the craving for sweets
7. Water must be replenished every two hours
8. Dehydration is the number one reason for hospitalization among those 65 and older
9. Your body will take water out of your colon if you are dehydrated

Air Toxins

coal-plantWe spend 90 percent of our time inside. The EPA reports that 6 out of 10 buildings are contaminated with air pollution. These buildings can be 100 times more toxic than outdoor air. Toxins from carpet chemicals, cleansers, paint, glue, dust, and mold accumulate in your lungs, stick in your alveoli, and never come out again.

Some big cities have traffic and smog so thick it burns the eyes and clogs the lungs and skin pores. If you can smell the pollution in your hair as you wash it, just imagine the impact it is having on your lungs.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends HEPA filters to remove bacteria and viruses. These filters are used in hospitals to keep doctors healthy despite being exposed to so many unhealthy people. These filters are especially beneficial in the winter months when bacteria spread is rampant.