The “New” Silver Solution

The “New” Silver Solution; Why pH Matters.

Silver has been used for centuries medicinally. Over the years their have been various types of silver from ionic, to colloidal to the latest in silver hydrosol technology. Even the newest versions all claim to be the best supplement. With so many different supplements and solutions, how do you know which you should be taking?The answer is simple and I explain it to you in this short 4 min video.

Click the video below to learn more about the history of silver and it’s uses as well as how to know which type of silver you should be using.



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  1. Dear Dr. Pedersen,

    Would like to be an affiliate to promote Silver Solution if at all possible. I advertise it everywhere. Everyone I’ve told have purchased however the co does not have an affiliate program and would like to be rewarded for my efforts.

    Could you please provide me with some information to an affiliate program.

    I’m never sick and purchase the gel for my mouth and put it in after brushing my teeth at night. I wouldn’t be without silver solution ever. I can have someolne sneeze all over me I do not get sick.

    Sheila S
    Longevity Specialist
    Health Advocate Adviser

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