Using Silver During Cold & Flu Season

How to use silver during cold and flu season.

Colds are a virus. A cold gets in your nose and your sinuses and starts to duplicate there, producing a lot of mucus, discomfort, among a host of other symptoms. The good news is that silver in both the liquid and gel forms can help you during the cold and flu season. The video below you will learn several practical ways that you can use silver solution to not only help combat the cold and flu but also help with prevention.

Whether you work in the health industry at a school with lots of illness around or are just looking avoid or help shorten your seasonal cold or flu, click the video below to learn more. In it I explain various ways of using silver during this nasty season.

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  1. miranda says:

    Hi Doc,
    I really like your nebulizer and would really like to purchase one for my travels or even to keep in my purse. Where can I purchase one. Also I am watching you because I am home with a constant 100 temp and am not able to get it down. Don’t want to take antibiotics. My lungs need help.

    • Dr. Gordon Pedersen says:


      The nebulizer I used in the video is from Omron. You can get the handheld one from a number of different websites. I bought mine a couple of years ago for about $250 but I believe the price has come down significantly since then. I think you can now get the same one for around $100-$150. Best of luck Miranda with your health. Thank you for checking out my site.


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