Preventing viral infection with silver nanoparticles.Download the paper here!


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  • Silver Solution for Viral Prevention

    Ebola Virus_sm

    Over the past couple of months I’ve received numerous questions with regards to silver and ebola among other potentially dangerous viral infections. Rather than replying with a quick answer as I felt I could have easily done; I felt impressed and wanted to provide not only the answer but references from scientific journals to validate my answer with regards to this incredibly pressing matter.

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  • Using Silver with MERS, Colds and Influenza


    MERS and colds are in the same virus family called coronavirus (CDC). It is difficult to become infected but one third of those who get this new MERS virus die. It is time to start protecting yourself from MERS and the influenza viruses that are moving through the US and middle east at epidemic rates.

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  • Silver our Most Hidden Resource in Medicine


    I had the pleasure of joining Dr. Katzman on his radio program twice over the past two weeks and had a great experience. I enjoyed it so much I asked Dr. Katzman if he would give me a copy of the two programs that I could post here for my readers.

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